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October 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Macaroni Kid Roanoke!  This week marks our official 2 year anniversary since the very first newsletter on Oct 8, 2010.  As I was driving home from Jeter Farm after our Macaroni Morning Out last week, my kids asleep in the back seat, I was reflecting about how far Macaroni Kid has come in the last 2 years.  And, how much Macaroni Kid has given my family, and me personally.  Honestly, it blows my mind.  And, I am truly blessed and thankful for all of it.  I also thought it would be fun to take a peek at Macaroni Kid by the numbers:

  • First newsletter emailed to 8 subscribers
  • 104th newsletter emailed to 2362 subscribers
  • Number of Macaroni Kid sites across the country: over 600 (growing weekly)
  • Number of Macaroni Kid sites in Virginia:  15
  • Total page views to date of Macaroni Kid Roanoke: 831,115 (come on 1 million!)
  • Average amount of time spent weekly preparing a newsletter: 10 hours
So, there you have it!  A little sneak peek into Macaroni Kid Roanoke.  Let's keep it going and grow even bigger by helping me hit a big goal for me of 2,500 subscribers and 1 million page views.  Share with friends and family, visit often, and know how much I appreciate all the love and support!  Seriously, Roanoke is the BEST community and I'm so lucky!

In honor of our 2nd Anniversary, we have THREE great opportunities for you! 

And, finally, our 2nd Annual Costume Swap is less than a week away!  Click on the logo for all the scoop about our swap on Oct 14th.  This year's swap is going to be amazing and, if you missed the drop off dates and still wish to participate, email me asap so we can make arrangements because I don't anyone to be left out that wants to join us!

Now for this week's scoop!

  • See what's in store this Fall/Winter with Thirty-One, plus learn how you can win a $50 Thirty One Shopping Spree!
  • Do your little ones wake up at the crack of dawn?  Mine did, and it made for one cranky mommy and 2 cranky kids!  Good news!  The Sleepytime Teacher is here to help you!

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