About The Publisher: Beth Bell

Welcome to Macaroni Kid Roanoke!  We are celebrating 12 years of being the premier resource for Family Fun in Roanoke.  On our site, you'll find family friendly events, articles and guides for kids and families in the Roanoke area.

I'm a proud Roanoke native and love sharing all the great things our area has to offer!  Our family enjoys going on adventures together, whether it's a local hike, trip to the farmer's market or road trip!

I work hard to provide local content, curate intimate resourceful events, and lots of fun giveaways for your family. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and you'll receive a FREE weekly kid-friendly calendar in your inbox every Tuesday morning. 

I'm a #boymom! These two...I have so many photos like this. Anyone else? haha!

I'm excited to introduce you to our team members. 

Elise DeMoss, Macaroni Kid Roanoke Sales & Events Assistant, grew up in Botetourt County and is a proud Roanoke resident.

She is married with 3 kids. During the day, she teaches for Roanoke City Schools working with their ELL students and tutors students in the valley and at North Cross School.

Elise has taught with VIPKID, teaching English to Chinese children, for almost 3 years. She is passionate about education and loves working with and helping families. 

Her family enjoys spending time together, traveling, playing with their cats and black lab, and exploring our beautiful valley. 

Elise is excited to work with Beth and Macaroni Kid Roanoke to help families in our valley have magnificent experiences together! 

Lesley Butterfield, Assistant and Special Projects, is helping Macaroni Kid Roanoke provide resources, fun and support for Special Needs families. Together, we are creating a comprehensive resource for families in the Roanoke Valley as well as adding sensory friendly activities to local events.

Lesley is the mother of four wonderful children, one of which has special needs. Lesley has made it her mission to raise awareness and connect community resources and services to families who are raising children with special needs. She is passionate about helping others overcome barriers in order to live life to the fullest! 

Lesley holds an RN, BSN from the University of Texas. She specializes in Community Wellness, aiming to build strong communities and foster welcoming and informed systems. Lesley has experience in writing and advocacy, marketing, organizational development and outreach, and is a frequent media contributor.