Pirate Ship Craft

Easy Craft For Your Little Ones

By By Melinda Lodge Willis - Publisher, Macaroni Kid Salem NJ August 26, 2020

Aargh matey! Get ready to make a front-of-the-fridge worthy pirate ship! The supplies for this project are probably right in your house. Here’s what you need:

  • Two different shades of blue construction paper – one to create your project on that will look like the sky, and one to make a nice ocean wave
  • Brown construction paper – boat
  • Craft sticks – about 3 per boat for masts
  • Marshmallows – sliced lengthwise, for sails – some extras for eating!
  • Round cereal – to make portholes

Use one blue sheet of construction paper for the background of your project. Make a simple 1-2 inch ocean/wave from your other color of blue, and glue to bottom of paper. Cut out a simple boat shape from the brown paper, and glue it onto the wave. Have your kiddie glue craft stick masts on the boat. Next, they can place the pre-cut marshmallows with the sticky inner side down as sails. No glue needed, because they will stick by themselves. Last, glue cereal portholes on the boat, wherever looks good. Don’t forget to eat a few marshmallows and some cereal along the way. Now you’re done! 

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