Halloween Crafts

October 2, 2012
So many cute ideas, so little time!  From easy, at home crafts, to ideas for snacks at a school party, our Macaroni Kid Halloween Pinterest Board has a lot of fun ideas!  Check back often because more ideas are being added all the time!

One of my favorites?  The Pumpkin Countdown!  Really easy and fun to do with the kiddos.

Orange, black, yellow, & green construction paper

Cut out a pumpkin and add a face (I just free handed it, but you can likely find templates online)
cut strips of construction paper in various colors to form the chains (number will be determined on how many days there are until Halloween!)
Create 4 different paper chains and attach them to the pumpkin!

*You could also do this with a ghost, skeleton, or even a witch!  Be creative and have fun counting down to Halloween!