The Perfect Saturday Morning for Moms and Kids

Head to the Taubman for Sidecar Saturday and Making it with Mimosas

By Christina Garnett, local Roanoke Mom November 28, 2017

Can you really have too many accessories...or mimosas? On a perfect fall morning, I spent my Saturday morning with my pint-sized fashionista at her new favorite place to create, design, and play: the Taubman Museum of Art. ย She was named after Coco Chanel, so I will take some responsibility for her magpie-like longing for all things sparkly, shiny, and covered in glitter.

Their new series of classes, titled Sidecar Saturday, are perfectly paired with the mom focused classes Making it with Mimosas-providing a creative, yet relaxing Saturday calendar addition that will give you another reason to be excited about the weekend.

Lillie immediately dove into the craft supplies, excitedly searching for just the right color of yarn to start monogramming her small canvas bag with. With an included tour of the Tangled: Fiber Art Now! Exhibit before starting the craft, the class feels purposeful and informative. By having a small group tour at the beginning, students are able to realize that their future craft will use some of the same materials as the exhibit and will create art of their own.

With plastic needles and oodles of yarn in eye catching colors, Lillie meticulously designs her first purse with her monogram. The hour and half class leaves Lillie with her purse almost completely finished and was given supplies and instructions on how to complete her new prized possession.

For the parent who wants an hour and half break while their child learns about art and creates their own little masterpiece, I highly recommend the Sidecar Saturday series. ย For the parent who wants to create something at the same time in a peaceful environment (accompanied by mimosas) The Mimosa and Sidecar combo is not to be missed. Head to to learn more about their upcoming offerings, including DIY gift wrap and seasonal stamping.