Introducing Dr. Bowman of Walter Chiropractic

Winner of the Roanoker Magazines Best Bedside Manner Award!

By Sunny Wasiela June 11, 2019

Introducing, local Dad, Dr. Ben Bowman, chiropractor at Walter Chiropractic. 

Dr Bowman became a chiropractor after a series of events that included getting help as a teenager for an injury from a chiropractor that helped him recover and prevent long term issues from the injury. Now he serves the Roanoke area the way he knows best - helping families recover from everyday musculo-skeletal stressors and maximize their health through chiropractic care.

Most families see Dr Bowman for acute pain and injuries, or for healthy checkups as well. Many Roanokers refer their friends to Dr Bowman for pregnancy related back pain, work (and workout) related strains and injuries, slips and falls that we all - kids and adults- experience, as well as routine wellness care. 

Dr Bowman approaches each patient with the individual attention that we all desire. His treatment plan is always individualized and he re-evaluates throughout care to see if you, or he, can do anything more to maximize your results and reach your health goals.  Through chiropractic, musculo-skeletal retraining exercises, therapeutic treatments, and now - acupuncture! - Dr Bowman tailors treatment to help your whole family maintain a healthy lifestyle in between chiropractic visits. 

When you visit Walter Chiropractic, you will complete a health history and have a sit down consult with Dr Bowman before you do any exams or treatments to make sure Chiropractic is the right treatment for your current condition.  New members also receive a welcome bag full of healthy goodies.

Dr Bowman has won Gold in "Best Bedside Manner" in both the NRV and Roanoke Valley, as well as numerous other Top Doc and Roanoke's best awards over the past 12 years. 

To learn more about when you should you see a chiropractor and all the ways Dr. Bowman can help your family stay healthy, visit

Macaroni Kid Roanoke will be sharing more information from Dr. Bowman about how chiropractic care helps during pregnancy, with athletic injury, and common injuries. If you have specific questions about chiropractic care, please reach out and we'll respond in a future article.