Resolving to Detox Nicotine & Quit Smoking or Vaping?

Holistic Cessation Program Starts Sunday

December 30, 2019

N.O.P.E. Not One Puff, Pinch, Pouch Ever: A Holistic Smoking Cessation Program begins this Sunday  

Katie Clifton, Licensed Acupuncturist and the Mom Boss behind Queenpin Acupuncture understands how hard it is to quit smoking and give it up for good.  In her recent blog post, Katie explains, "I was 10 years old the first time I picked up a cigarette. I can’t say it was love at first puff, but somehow over the years cigarettes became a coping tool for dealing with anything thrown my way. For me cigarettes were a diet tool, stress reliever, amphetamine, social lubricant, and a way for me to take a break from my life multiple times a day. I loved them, and I hated them. I always say cigarettes were my best/worst boyfriend charming me back every time I left. I was horribly ashamed to be a smoker. When I was a kid being a smoker went right along with my rebellious attitude, but as an adult, smoking made me feel weak and ashamed. Yet, I felt stuck. I had quit multiple times before, I even quit for four years once, but quitting was HARD and it took me a long time to build up whatever it was that I needed to do it."

To help others overcome this struggle, Queenpin is launching a 6 week smoking & vaping cessation program. The program features Margaret Soper, Licensed Professional Nurse & Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist,  4 Community Acupuncture Treatments, 4 Acu-Detox Treatments, and 6 Group Support Sessions to guide you through every step of the quitting process. The Group Support sessions will give you all the tools you need to find your determination and change your habits. The Acupuncture and Detox Treatments handle your physical cravings, any unpleasant symptoms of quitting, and support your body/mind in recovery. You will also receive an herbal tincture, filled with herbs to support lung detoxification, ease withdrawal, and calm your mind. For those moments of craving, you will have a blend of essential oils designed to reduce the desire to smoke or vape and support your new habits. You don’t need to have quit to start this program – your first Group Support Session builds the foundation for you to be successful in giving up smoking. We also don’t require the use of any additional quitting aids (patches, pills, etc) so once you’re done, you’re DONE!

Register and purchase the package via phone at 540- 685-2718 x2. All treatments and sessions will be scheduled at that time.  

The Details: 

For Ages 13 & Up

The program runs from Sun, Jan 5th – Thurs Feb 13th. The cost is $350, paid in advance.

Community Acupuncture (1hr) and Acu-Detox (45 min) Treatments are scheduled by the participant any time our Community Acupuncture clinic is open: Tues & Thurs 9am – 6pm & Sun 11am – 2pm. The program will start with 2 acupuncture treatments per week for 2 weeks and maintain with 1 treatment per week from there. 

Group Support Sessions (1hr) are Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Sundays @ 3:30pm. Come once a week, to either session, for the biggest benefit. Please check your calendar ahead of time to assure these dates work for you.

This is a comprehensive program and works only with commitment from the participants. For this reason, no exchanges/rain-checks/refunds/etc. are permitted. 

Register and schedule your treatments and sessions by calling 540- 685-2718 x2.