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November 2020

By Elise DeMoss, Assistant Publisher November 4, 2020

November!   How are we here, guys? We cannot believe November is here and we are this much closer to closing out 2020. We hope you have found some family fun throughout the year despite the pandemic.    This calendar is full of ideas for National Fun Days that you can utilize with your family all month long.  

Download your Monthly Fun Calendar here!


Here we go!

November is known for:

No-Shave November- how many dads participate in this yearly tradition? 🧔

National Peanut Butter Month! 

National Healthy Skin Month

Celebrate these weeks:

November 1-7: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

November 10-16: National Split Pea Soup Week 🍵

November 16-23: National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week

November 1st- Daylight Savings!    

Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour, so you aren’t late for work this week! You get an extra hour of sleep, unless of course you are a parent, and your children still wake up early! Here is a recipe for a Minty Mocha Coffee to wake you up if the kiddos wouldn’t let you sleep in!

November 1st-2nd- Day of the Dead 💀

Celebrate this day with 5 Day of the Dead traditions. This is an annual day that originated in Mexico but people all over the world celebrate it!

November 3rd- National Homemakers Day!   

This is the day for all your stay at home moms or dads! You work more than people realize, making your house and community run. As moms and dads, we have to lift each other up and support each other! We support you, stay at home parents!  We love this article on parenting with purpose.

If you are working from home right now, we have 7 tips to be successful at working from home while taking care of the kids!

November 4th- National Sandwich Day! 🥪

What is your favorite sandwich? Check out this recipe for Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches! Your kids may just love these because they are cheesy and delish!

November 5th- Bonfire Day!    

Woohoo! We love backyard fires in the fall! Picture a crisp, cool night with a fire rolling and some hot chocolate for the kids! Make it a family night and have everyone choose something special to add to the fun, whether it be a yummy treat or a game around the fire. We have 10 Fire Safety Tips for your family here. 

November 8th- STEM/STEAM Day!   

Our kids love all thing technology. In a day and age where technology is so revered and always changing, our kids are growing up in a world that is preparing them for the future. Read our article on how Kids are changing the world through STEM. 

Here are some super fun ideas to celebrate this day at home:

How To Make an Exploding Volcano

Make Ice Cream in a Bag in 15 minutes

Fizzy Dinosaur Eggs to Make and Break

November 13th- World Kindness Day! 🌎   

We are always teaching our kids to be kind. These days we all need to stick together and raise our kids to be the kindest souls possible. We have a great idea as we embark on our holiday season, here.  Try out a Kindness Elf in a few weeks! 

Share our 51 Ways to Spread joy and kindness with your family today and enjoy the printables provided, here

November 15th- National Recycling Day ♻️

Recycling is so important and we all have to do our part to help Mother Earth. Check out some tips to getting our kids to make recycling fun! Make Recycled Music Instruments with your family here.

November 19th- National Camp Day!   

We love to camp with our families. Add a hike in there, some fun family activities, and s’mores. Camping in the fall is even more fun because it gets cold at night, so blankets and snuggling are a must. We have 10 tips for camping with kids. It’s a must read before you head out.

We recently rented a yurt at Explore Park and had a blast! We camped, made dinner and breakfast over the fire, hiked a bit, and explored. It was a fun overnight getaway and the kids can’t wait to go back. Check out our experience here.

November 20th- National Children’s Day!     

Let’s celebrate the kids in our life by spending time with them. Our kids are only little for a while and we love doing fun and special things with them every chance we get. We have some fun activities you can do with your kids at home:

Collect Pinecones and Make Pinecone Flowers

DIY Fall bunting to decorate your home

DIY Simmering Scents

If you are ready to get out of your house, check out some Fall Fun around Roanoke! We love our beautiful city!

November 22- Go For a Ride Day!    

Whether it’s riding bikes or riding around in a car, you can get out of your home today and enjoy the fall foliage. Read our 5 safety tips for riding bikes here.

The Roanoke County Trails and Greenways are calling your family’s name! Head out and enjoy. 

November 23rd- National Adoption Day   

Families who adopt children are amazing people. There are so many children in need of homes and we have some information below, if you are considering adoption.

How to Welcome an Older Child to a New Family

Adopting from Foster Care: 6 Things to Know

A Letter to Luis during National Adoption Month

  November 26th- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!   

Thanksgiving may look a little different his year but we hope your family finds comfort in having each other and enjoying life as we know it. We have a yummy kid friendly idea to add to your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Free Thanksgiving Printables for your kids to enjoy!

Walk off that Thanksgiving dinner with 9 reasons to Walk it off!

November 27th- Black Friday!    

My husband and I go out every single year to shop til we drop. I have a feeling this year we will be staying in to avoid crowds and stay as safe as possible. I will miss Black Friday shopping for sure. However, my goal this year is to shop small businesses as much as possible. Check out all the places open and the deals we have found so far, here. 

November 28th- Small Business Saturday   

“Shop Local” has always been a favorite motto here at Macaroni Kid Roanoke. We love local businesses and supporting families right here in our region. We have a Small Business Guide for all your shopping needs! The Holiday season is upon us, so this guide should help you get your list under control.   

We hope you found some family fun throughout the month of November, with Macaroni Kid Roanoke! Subscribe to our newsletter for more ideas on parenting, recipes, and more! We love followers and we love Roanoke families!

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