Meet Your Senior Relocation Trio

These Senior Relocation Specialists can help you sort through next steps for your senior family

By Beth Bell, Publisher December 29, 2023

Over the holiday break, you may have noticed changes in your senior loved ones that have you anxious or worried about how to ensure they continue to live a healthy and content life at home.  Personally, I know that we need to make some major changes for my mother.  Her house is mostly a ranch style home, but her laundry room is in the basement.  She's experiencing some decreased mobility and the fear of her falling is high on my list. In addition to the fact that she lives an hour away, and most of her medical providers are even further away.  

There are many factors in determining the best housing situation as we age.  Mobility, cognitive function, ability to maintain our homes or afford to source maintenance, proximity to family and caregivers, and transportation are just a few factors to consider.

I'm relieved to know that I have a team of professionals in my network that can help our family navigate our best next steps. 

This trio of senior specialists can help your family by conducting a home assessment, coordinating caregivers and home improvement suppliers, downsizing gracefully, and many other senior living needs.  If they can't handle something, they will know someone they trust that can. 

Meet the team: 

Monica Nicely, Senior Real Estate Specialist 

Monica can walk you through your living situation to assess your living needs to develop a life plan that enables you to enjoy your golden years.  If relocating is the best option for you, she can help you with prepping your home for sale and a marketing plan.  Monica is compassionate and sensitive to the emotional aspects of life's transitions.  She has a network of trusted partners to help with decluttering, repairs, or even modifying your existing home for aging in place.  Get in touch with Monica at 540-449-2019  or email: MONICANICELYREALTOR@GMAIL.COM.

April Jones, Life Care Coordinator Care Coordination

April has over 12 years experience in providing aging services.  She will provide an individualized needs assessment to help seniors and their families navigate the complexities of care and get the best quality of care in the place you are calling HOME.   April can help you determine housing or facility preferences and needs and coordinate all the steps to get there.  April has a vast network of care providers from making sure the lawn gets mowed to picking up medications, groceries, or supplies needed to AGE GRACEFULLY.   Contact April by phone 540-354-3589 or email LIFECARECOORDINATORS@GMAIL.COM 

Tammy Swader, Certified Move Consultant 

Tammy can help you move locally, nationally, or globally with Lawrence.   Moving your home with Tammy is simple because she is with you every step of the way.  Tammy's services include:  Pre-move Assessment - We provide in-person and virtual survey allowing us to safely and accurately assess your personal effects and needs. Packing and Loading - Our movers professionally pack any item with high-quality materials and the utmost care. Packing and Loading - Our movers professionally pack any item with high-quality materials and the utmost care. Agent for United Van Line 100% Employee Owned Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contact Tammy by phone: 540-494-4931 or email: TSWADER@LAWRENCEMOVES.COM