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Camp Bethel is the outdoor ministry of the Virlina District Church of the Brethren that exists to foster and build relationships with God, with each other, and with all of God's creation, TOGETHER.  We live this ministry through our summer camps, our services, and availability of our facilities to people of all denominations and backgrounds. In small groups of 10-12 campers and 2-4 counselors, campers play and learn together in an intentional Christian community. Trained counselors lead hundreds of active, fun, educational activities. Through these experiences, campers come to understand that their relationships with each other and all creation are precious to God and worthy of our active care. Our camp is a safe, special place, and your children and teenagers will be “happy campers!”

Resident Camps, Day Camps, Adventure Camps, Adventure Trips, Skills Camps, Family Programs.  Trusted AND affordable  with the BEST counselors EVER.

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Business Review

"Our son and daughter have been coming to Camp Bethel since they were 5 years old--they are now 13 and 14 years old. We have found that your camp is one of the few that our kids continue to enjoy even as they are older. Other camps (sometimes a lot more expensive) are nice but for some reason the magic of Camp Bethel remains. We also really respect the way that your camp incorporates God and Bible study but in such a way that it is still cool--a rarity these days to find a place were kids can be kids and learn to love God and care for one another in God's creation. Thanks so much for the awesome experience for our kids and the ongoing magic that is Camp Bethel. Thanks, Gina and Chris Engel" 

"Thank you so much for giving our kids another amazing year at Camp Bethel. The storms during the week never had us concerned, because we trusted how you would handle it. Thank you for keeping them safe. The counselors were fun and friendly and fabulous! We're not sure if it happens in the screening and hiring process or in the training, but we are so impressed with ALL of your counselors! It's a great feeling to see our kids in the care of people worth emulating-smart, fun, patient, talented, ambitious, and most-importantly GOD loving and following! Thank You! 

"Camp Bethel is blessed with Christian leadership. They are in the family business. My daughters grew up at Camp Bethel and my grandchildren. A friend of my granddaughter summed it up when he told his mother after his first time at camp "Now this is the way camps supposed to be."

"The summer camp programs are fantastic and they always have experienced and knowledgable staff. My son has gone two years in a row now, last summer for whitewater kayaking and this summer for whitewater kayaking and backpacking. He always comes home with great stories and great memories. This camp has helped him grow and mature and open up as a person. I couldn't say enough great things! We drive from the DC area (4+ hrs) and wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Camp Bethel for being a wonderful part of my sons teenage years!"