National League of Junior Cotillions Roanoke Valley Chapter

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Junior Cotillion features character  education, etiquette, and social dance training for fifth through eighth-grade students. The program  includes five classes and two Balls over eight months. 

The purpose of the National League of Junior Cotillions program is to give students instruction in ballroom dance and practice in the social courtesies needed for  better relationships with their family and friends. Students actively learn life skills  through a creative method employing role-playing, skits, and games. 

The social behavior component ranges from rules of conversation to formal and  informal table manners. In addition to the usual courtesies connected with dancing,  etiquette instruction is also provided with regards to the following: acknowledgment of  gifts, behavior at cultural and civic events, correspondence, interaction in groups, introductions, paying and receiving compliments, receiving lines, sportsmanship, sports etiquette, instructional dinners, telephone courtesy, and many other areas of social  conduct. 

Where and When does the Roanoke Valley Chapter Meet? 

The 2023-2024 Season of Junior Cotillion of Roanoke Valley will hold all classes and dances at The Shenadoah Club in Downtown Roanoke (private parking lot is available). 

The 5 prep classes and 2 balls will be held on Sundays, beginning October 1st.  The festive Holly Ball will be held on December 10th and the semester will end with the Grand Ball on March 17th, 2024. 

Learn More and Register: National League of Junior Cotillion Roanoke Valley

Meet Jessica Hilbish, Director 

Jessica Hilbish is a licensed Middle School and Elementary School teacher whose family lives in Hunting Hills, with two dogs and one lazy cat who all enjoy nice, relaxing weekends at home.  During the week they are busy with after-school activities: tennis practice at the club, guitar lessons in Salem and weekly choir rehearsals.   Jessica’s mother, Jennifer, was a terrific ballroom dancer and spent many hours in the kitchen with her demonstrating the box-step, rehearsing the cha-cha and practicing endless grapevines. They always enjoyed bringing out all the family silver, the special Waterford crystal, and setting the table with that beautiful heirloom China for holiday gatherings with friends and family.  Now Jessica plans to bring standard etiquette into the 21st century, the modern era, with flair and grace, starting with showing the students the Cupid Shuffle in time for their holiday ball in December, at the Shenandoah Club!  

For information regarding the local program here in the Roanoke Valley please email

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