Best Places for Sledding in Roanoke

Save this Guide so You'll be Ready to Play During the next Snowfall! And a Recipe for Snow Ice Cream

By Beth Bell, Publisher January 1, 2024

Hello Macaroni Kid Roanoke families! Are you wondering where to take your kiddos sledding in Roanoke? It's a Snow Day! What do we do? Some of us don't live in an area where sledding is possible, or maybe safe.  So we decided it would be helpful to publish a guide of all the public places mamas in Roanoke go sledding!  We aren't sure if the locations approve of this. It's also important to say, sled at your own risk, but we know our mamas/followers and know you won't be a jerk at any location. Let us know if you know of any other locations! Send us a pic to include in the article!


Fallon Park


Parkway Church

Villa Heights Church


Longwood Park

Salem Municipal Golf Course


Hill in Grandin by the Jesus Saves church at the end of Westover Ave.


Monterey Elementary School

Roanoke City

Fishburn Park

Mount Pleasant Elementary School

Roanoke County

Hunting Hills Golf Course

Here's a recipe for snow ice cream that we've always made and enjoyed.

1 Gallon of Snow ...don't choose the Yellow snow! Or any non white snow. It's a good idea to dig a few inches beneath the surface. or set out a bowl as soon as snow starts falling to collect clean snow.

Add 1 Tablespoon of vanilla

1 Cup of Sugar or sugar substitute.

1 Cup of Milk

Optional: Instead of Milk Coffee Creamer flavors work really well for flavoring the cream and you do not need to add additional sugar!

Let the kids have fun with sprinkles, etc.

Stir it up and serve immediately!