Mom Groups in Roanoke Virginia

Meet your new mom friends in Roanoke (updated 5/2024)

By Beth Bell, Publisher August 22, 2022

A common theme I am seeing in our local mom groups and when I'm out and about in Roanoke, is Moms are looking for their people.  They want to meet other moms and families to do life with.  Maybe you are new to the valley or just new to being a Mom. Some are brave enough to post a personal ad style "looking for" in local social media groups but I know many still are not sure where to look to connect with other moms so I wanted to pull together some groups for you and put them all in one place in hopes that it will help you find each other.  If you know of other groups ,or know of any ways for Dads to meet other SAHD's, please share them with me at   If you would like an introduction to a mom in any of the groups listed below, let me know and I will help you connect. 

Groups that Meet in Person

Huddle Up Moms Huddles

Huddle Up Moms is a local non profit organization with a mission of empowering all moms through education, connection, and support. They have several mom huddles, lead by local moms.  Current huddles include: Pandemic Moms, NICU Moms, Single Moms, Moms of Teens, Breastfeeding, Working Moms, Adoptive/Foster Moms, Moms of Loss, and more huddles forming monthly. If you'd like to check out a huddle or lead a huddle, visit Huddle Up Mom Huddles

Moms Who Hike Roanoke

Group description:  A place for moms of Roanoke and surrounding areas to coordinate hikes for themselves and their kids.

Hike It Baby

Hike it Baby creates opportunities and removes barriers to access so families with babies and young children can take their first steps outside. We believe all families have the right to connect with nature, benefit from spending time outdoors, and be inspired to a lifelong love of nature. You can join the facebook group and also find local events at

Moms MEET at First Baptist Roanoke

Moms MEET (Mentor Encourage Equip Together). Moms Meet is passionate about providing opportunities for moms to grow in faith, connect with others, and build friendships that are full of warmth and acceptance.  If you are a mom who wants to grow in your relationship with Christ and with others, join us each Wednesday during the school year! Kids participate in Awana Kids Club or childcare for babies while moms gather and grow together. Moms MEET are meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. for coffee and dessert.  Contact to get connected. 

Groups that are on Facebook

Meet the Moms 

Group description by Kayla Mullins, Rockstar mama of 3 girls. I made this group in hopes to make real life connections with moms of the Roanoke valley and surrounding areas. It’s very hard to have a hold on personal lives and find time to make real life friends! I’m hoping that creating this group will assist in this!  When you join, she askes that you share about your family, where you live, your interests, and what you're looking for in a friend.  Kayla also plans playdates and kid-free Mom night outs and brunches. 

OK Roanoke

Welcome to Outdoor Kids! It's OK- not just an easy acronym but a metaphor for life with young children. We're here to create opportunities for caretakers and kids to get outdoors. Whether it's strolling the Greenway, going on a toddler led hike, or some creek play- let's get outside and play! We encourage all members to host outdoor events!

Roanoke Family Meetup

Group description by local philanthropic Realtor and mama, Ruth Gray: Safe space for Families to plan events, share events happening in the community, play dates, pot lucks at the park, book club, wine sipping, meet new Parents, established Parents, working and SAHP and just do group fam-ish.

Other groups where you can meet wonderful women in the Valley: 

FemCity Roanoke

FemCity is a business community for women.  FemCity hosts Member-Only local events, online programming, live virtual classes provide access to our experts, accountability programs, and a community forum. Members are also featured in our online directory to find the ongoing support they need to propel them forward, all in a safe space embraced by diversity + inclusion for all women.  The Roanoke community hosts one business luncheon and 2 casual, one coffee and one wine, connection events each month. email for more information. 

Women in Recovery/Sobriety

Each Saturday, women meet at 10:30 a.m. at Rebos Center for an hour long AA meeting.  These women may or may not be mothers, but come from all walks of life and are very supportive. A great place to decide you want to stop drinking or support your recovery journey. 

Additional AA meetings that have been recommended for women in Roanoke are at 5:30 on Wednesday at REBOS North and 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Raleigh Court Presbyterian. More information on all AA meeting sin Roanoke can be found here. 

Sports Broads and Sports Broads International

An all inclusive, supportive, group for women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicity, who are encouraged to move your body. All Women. All Sports. 

Looking for a running, hiking, biking, walking, dancing, buddy?  Definitely check out Sports Broads, lead by awesome local mama, small business advisor, and supporter, Nicole Cooper.