A Month of Family Fun in December!

December 2020

By Elise DeMoss, Assistant Publisher December 4, 2020

Hey Mac Kid families!   

Can you all believe we are in the last month of 2020! I know many people are saying they are glad 2020 is over, but I keep thinking that we did get more family time, so in a way, it was a blessing. Here at Macaroni Kid, we are excited for a new year soon. We are excited for new families to join our family fun, new businesses to promote, new events to hold, and new family fun to find! Let's make the most of this last month of 2020 by spending quality time together. If you have never utilized our family fun calendar before, we hope you will pick a few days (or all) and make some memories!  

Celebrate this week!

December 1st - 7th: Hand Washing Week... this is a no brainer right now!  

We observe the following Awareness Days in December:

Aids Awareness

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

National Human Rights Month

December 1st     National Christmas Lights Day 🎄

How perfect of a day is this? December 1st of all days! The season is just beginning and our area neighbors are going all out this year, decorating! We have noticed a huge increase in Roanoke’s lights. Check out this link a few local moms put together to follow the map for a great time looking at lights from the car.

December 2nd    National Mutt Day   

Another chance to adopt a sweet pup to add to your family! Rescue animals are amazing and we have multiple rescues in our area who need your support whether it is a donation or being a foster or adopter.  Our valley has the LAP (League for Animal Protection) in Fincastle, VA, SPCA in Roanoke, Salem Animal Shelter, and our local pound always needs volunteers or adopters – RCACP!

In honor of this day, post a picture on our FB post about National Mutt Day!

December 4th     National Cookie Day   

Yummo! Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodles, and more. What is your favorite? We love baking cookies and decorating them at Christmas time. Our kids love being creative and making the most out of a messy situation!  The cookie flavors are endless and we have some amazing recipes below for your baking fun!

*Holiday Cookies

*Melted Snowman Cookies

*Lazy Mom Cookies

December 7th     National Letter Writing Day    

Celebrate this day by having your kids write a letter to a family member or friend to lift their spirits at the end of 2020. We also have the cutest Santa letter printable here at Macaroni Kid Roanoke. Have your kids write a letter to Santa today and they can receive one Back!

December 10th   Hanukkah 🕎

Hanukkah is an important holiday that is celebrated each year by Jews around the world. Another name for it is the Festival of Lights. If your family celebrates Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah to you and your sweet family! 

We have a super fun activity here for making your own Hanukkah candles as a family! 

December 12th   National Gingerbread House Day 🏠

Gingerbread houses are an annual tradition in our household. We either pick a kit or we buy all the supplies and make them from scratch. Each year they are different and unique. We saw a cool idea this year where you can use frosted poptarts for the walls and roof. We tried it and are so excited about this method! It was super easy! Check out our fun, here. 

If you missed the Gingerbread Festival in Salem last weekend, put it on your calendar for next Christmas! It is such a fun, local event!

December 14th   National Energy Conservation Day   

We all know how important it is to conserve energy and protect our earth. Being “green” has become a sensation in the last few years for sure. 

Cut dryer time in half using this cool idea.

Check out this article on ways to protect our earth in our own homes.

December 16th   National Chocolate Covered Anything Day  

We have a day for this? Yessss! We love chocolate and our kids do, too! Have you ever had a chocolate dipping party with your kids? Grab some melting chocolate from the store, things to dip in, and read about our chocolate dipping party here. 

Also, don’t forget to head down to Chocolate Paper for some delicious chocolate everything this holiday season! They have such a cool variety of yummy things and neat gift ideas!


December 18th   National Talk Like Buddy the Elf Day 🧝

We all know how Buddy the Elf answers the phone-- “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” We hope you have seen the movie “Elf”, it’s one of our favorites for sure. We have some ideas if you have an elf that visits at Christmas time. Head here for some printables and activities for your family to share!

December 24th   Christmas Eve 🎅

We have traditions like family breakfast, sometimes a movie in theatres, and eating lunch out. Sometimes we head to look at the trees at Hotel Roanoke. However, this year looks different (we’ve heard this a few times, huh?) We are planning to make some new traditions as a family this year. We aren’t sure yet but here are some ideas:

*Ornament Crafts

*Santa Baby Cookies

*Make your own Peppermint Marshmallows

   December 25th   Merry Christmas Macaroni Kid Roanoke!   

December 26th   National Thank You Note Day    

Thank you notes have sort of fallen by the weigh side over the last few years. A digital thank you or a text is often what happens rather than a good ol’ fashioned note. We can still teach our kids to thank our friends and family by writing a letter. This also helps our children with their writing skills and will impress their teachers when they already know how to write a letter! Here are some tips to help your child write letters!


December 28th   National Call a Friend Day   

I love having a sweet chat with a friend. My kids are just getting to the ages where they like to talk to others on the phone. I like to hear their conversations and get a glimpse of how they treat others and the things they like to talk to their friends about. It is super cute to hear!

We thought it would be a great day to share this fun article about being a good friend!

December 31st   Happy New Year!     

We wish a Super, amazing, wonderful, happy 2021 for all of our Macaroni Kid families. We truly hope that 2021 brings happier and easier times for everyone. We will continue to try our very best to add family friendly local events to our calendar, update you with some amazing clients whom we love, and work hard for the families of Roanoke. HAPPY 2021! We made it!

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