Fun Days to Celebrate in January 2021!

Let's find some fun this month!

By Elise DeMoss, Assistant Publisher January 3, 2021

2021! Here we are! We cannot believe we are in January of 2021 already. While 2020 was a rough one for many, we were blessed to keep helping local families with the events we were able to have and help with.   

Now as we enter this new year, we hope we can find more things to be involved in, more events to share with you, and have even more FAMILY FUN with you all!  

This month, observe these amazing things:

  • Be Kind to Food Servers Month  
  • Get Organized Month
  • National Poverty in America Awareness Month
  • Walk Your Pet Month  

Now for our days ahead! We can celebrate these days with the ideas below or be creative! Let us know how you have celebrated your January fun days!

January 1st  New YEARS Day!  

Happy New Year 2021!

January 4th  Trivia Day  

Did you know that our local Roanoke Public Libraries hold trivia nights online? 

Follow their page to find their events:

We also have them on our calendar as we find out about them!

January 5th  National Bird Day  

Birds are adorable little creatures that help keep the bug population down. Win win for us parents who get tired of swatting in the summer. :)

Your family can make some fun bird feeders for your yard friends by checking out one of the links below:

January 6th  National Shortbread Day  

Try this 5 ingredient yummy recipe for shortbread, together as a family today!

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Family fun and deals - yes please!

January 10th  National Cut Your Energy Costs Day  

I think we can all use some help in the money saving department! I know I can and love to find new ideas to cut my costs. We have a neat idea to cut drying time down!

January 12th  National Hot Tea Day  

I Love Hot Tea! I love the fact that there are so many fun flavors to enjoy too!

Grab a yummy cup of your favorite flavor and sit down for some me-time!

Pssst. Did you know we have giveaways on our Macaroni Kid National Facebook Page often? Head on over and be sure to LIKE, FOLLOW and get notifications so you don’t miss out on the fun!

January 15th  Strawberry Ice Cream Day  

My kids enjoy ice cream and would eat it every day if I let them! Why not make it at home with them today? We have two fun ideas below!

Ice Cream in a Bag

Ice Cream Cake- Substitute these with the strawberry ice cream sandwiches!

January 18th  Martin Luther King, Jr Day  

Martin Luther King, Jr is one of the most influential men in history. Last year we put together some amazing ideas to honor MLK. Have you been to the bridge in Downtown Roanoke, that was built in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr? We encourage you to take your kids down there. They can learn so much about diversity, love, and acceptance when we take the time to teach them. 

January 19th  National Popcorn Day  

Popcorn is so fun to make and eat! We love to have movie nights together on the weekends or on rainy nights and make popcorn and snuggle up. We have 2 ideas below to celebrate this fun day:

January 20th  National Coffee Break Day  

Coffee is a love of mine. I love a warm coffee on a cold day and an iced coffee on a hot day! Sounds right, huh? I think coffee is a universal mom drink and love. I found a new morning routine of getting up before the kids do, to enjoy some coffee and a healthy breakfast. Read about my thoughts, here.

January 23rd  National Handwriting Day  

Some children need help with handwriting. We have just the place for you to call for help with handwriting locally. Goodspeed Learning Consultants can help with a variety of subjects. Call Doc today!

We also have a cute idea for your kids to practice their handwriting. They can write thank you notes for all those gifts they received for Christmas! 

January 27th  Chocolate Cake Day  

If you don’t like chocolate cake, we worry your taste buds are lacking! HA! We love chocolate cake and there are so many recipes out there that make chocolate cake delicious and hard to say “no” to. Enjoy some different ways to make chocolate cake below:

January 29th  National Puzzle Day  

We have always loved buying puzzles for our kids as they have gotten older. It is super enjoyable to watch them conquer harder puzzles as the years go by. Check out two ideas for celebrating this day:

January 31st  National Hot Chocolate Day  

As we end this month, the cold weather is only going to stick around for an other month or so. We can look forward to spring and all it brings. We love to make hot chocolate on movie nights or make a cup and put a puzzle together on a Friday night. We have included 2 recipes below to enjoy on this day!

We would love to hear what recipes or crafts you enjoyed with your family this month! Private message our page with a picture or two and we might share your fun on our social media.  


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