31 Days of October!

Let's Have Some Fun!

By Elise DeMoss, Assistant Publisher September 30, 2020

This is not your typical monthly fun calendar. We put together something to do every day in October to celebrate Halloween and/ or fall! As you follow our day to day ideas, send us pictures! We would love to feature some of your family fun on our Social Media.

31 Days of October!

October 1st

Check out Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween for these chilly nights at home! There are so many options and something for everyone! 

October 2nd

Head to the kitchen and make Pumpkin Pie Pops. Yum! Are you an apple lover    or a pumpkin lover   ? We like both, so we like to spread the love between both of these yummy Fall flavors! 

October 3rd

Head to Sinkland Farms for their Fall Festival today! Take a hayride, buy pumpkins, pet farm    animals, and so much more! We hope to see you there!

Head here for more information!

October 4th

Check out this awesome list of Halloween books and order one for your little one to enjoy this month! Reading is good for the soul! If you order early in the month, you'll have it to enjoy most of the month of October!   

October 5th

Go Apple Picking! If you have ever been to pick apples with your family, you know how fun this can be.    Sure, we can buy them from the store… but it is so satisfying to pick them fresh and gather recipes for some yummy treats! We have a great list of wonderful orchards to check out! 

October 6th

Speaking of Apple picking yesterday, you need to carve out some time to make a Paper Bag Apple Pie! ๐Ÿ We love a yummy recipe and this one definitely is! You know what they say- “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.  

October 7th

Craft time! This adorable Autumn Tree Craft would look so cute on your refrigerator.    The nice thing about this craft is it serves as a decoration you can use all the way through to Thanksgiving! 

October 8th

I will admit that at the time of putting this article together, I have not thought once about Halloween costumes for my three kiddos.   I need to get on that! Plan your family's Halloween outfits with this fun guide! How fun would it be to "coordinate"???

October 9th

Make these cute Toilet Paper Characters with your kiddos with whatever you have laying around the house! There are so many options to be creative! Message us a picture and we might feature it on our Macaroni Kid Roanoke FB page!

October 10th

Check out these fun meringue "ghosts". The recipe looks easy and quick! Let us know if you try these and how they turned out! ๐Ÿ‘ป

Set a Spooky Table! Have your kids make fun ghost shapes out of construction paper and decorate the dining room or entryway table with them. You can print templates off the internet or let them be creative!

October 11th

Kids love crafts and here at Macaroni Kid Roanoke, we do too! Gather materials and make Halloween face masks as a fun family activity.  

Another idea is to paint Zombie Rocks with rocks from your back yard and whatever paint you have on hand! Let your kids imaginations run wild making zombies or silly creations on their rocks!

October 12th

Head to Sinkland Farms for a fun Fall Day if you haven’t made it out there yet! ๐Ÿšœ

Make Easy Apple Crisp with all those apples you picked last weekend! 

October 13th

Have you painted your pumpkins yet? Here are some fun ideas for no carve solutions! With these ideas, you don’t have to worry about knives and blades! Win Win for safety!   

October 14th

Have you heard of the fun way to “Boo” your neighbors? We love this idea and it is sure to make them smile from ear to ear! For all the ways to surprise your neighbors, click here.   

October 15th

Halloween doesn’t have to be a bummer just because there are less events than normal, due to Covid. We put together a list of COVID safe activities to do for Halloween this month! Let's make this month awesome no matter what!   

October 16th

Plan a Super Spooky Family Game Night!   This article has so many fun ideas and we can’t wait to do this with our family! 

October 17th

It’s Saturday! Woohoo! Pick a Pumpkin Patch to visit if you haven’t visited Sinkland Farms yet! There are multiple pumpkin patches to choose from in our area, so choose the one that works for your family! We have an awesome list here

October 18th

Check out these super spooky and fun Lunch box treats   you can create to make October lunches exciting! 

October 19th

We know so many people love their PUMPKIN! We have several recipes to satisfy a pumpkin lover’s craving, but this recipe for Pumpkin muffins is Delish! 

October 20th

Play Toilet Paper Mummies! ๐Ÿงป Wrap each other up in toilet paper and have fun walking around like a mummy!

Take a moment and plan your Trick Or Treating! Here is a list of places offering trick or treating or fun activities in the coming weeks!

October 21st

Do you love games? Our family loves them, so anything that gets the kids off the couch is a win for us! Play Pin the Spider on the Web   with this fun printout. You can have your kids cut spiders out of construction paper or buy the spider rings    in the Halloween section of your local store!

October 22nd

Make Monster Apple Bites tonight for dessert! Apples and pumpkins “scream” fall. Your kids will be screaming “yum” when they taste these!

October 23rd 

Have Family Movie Night with a movie from the Freeform List on 10/1! Make a DIY Campout   with these fun ideas and add a little Halloween twist with some spooky music and fun decor or crafts from our other days of Halloween!

October 24th

Head to a pumpkin patch for some weekend family fun! When you are done, ride around Roanoke and look for Halloween decorations! We love looking for houses that have done an awesome job decorating. 

Don’t forget to carve pumpkins this weekend if your family uses them to decorate for the infamous 31st of October! 

October 25th

We know you use tissues for your nose when you have a cold, but have you ever made ghosts from Lollipops and tissues? This craft is so fun! We hope your kids love it as much as ours did!   

October 26th

Surprise your coworkers with this delicious Pumpkin Bread.   They will all love you for bringing this in as a treat! Make an extra loaf for your family! You won’t regret it. 

October 27th

Make some spooky Halloween cupcakes with cake mix or your favorite recipe, icing, sprinkles, and items you can grab from the dollar store! My kids loved picking out a few funny things to decorate their cakes with.   We used mini cake tins but you could definitely use cupcakes and be creative with toppings! 

Check out our creations here.

October 28th

Why wait until Thanksgiving to eat Pumpkin Pie? We love this yummy recipe for the pie that makes fall smell amazing!

October 29th

Gather your construction paper and make this fun Halloween craft with your kiddos! Halloween is almost here so adding this craft to your week will make it even more fun to look forward to! 

October 30th

You guys! Every year on Halloween we make chili to eat and warm us up after trick or treating.   Even if you aren’t going Trick or Treating, try this yummy recipe for pumpkin chili. It is like eating “fall” in a bowl!

October 31st



Head downtown to our Socially Distant Candy Crawl! We will be there having all the safe fun we can possibly have. Local businesses can’t wait to see your spooky, smiling, adorable faces in costume! You must register to be a part of our event! :)

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